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Weeping Willow Productions

Project type

Short Film




Dec 8th-10th



Continuity Interests

Senior citizens as main cast

Photos by

Emilio Hope



Director: Alison Hargreaves
Producer: Cristina Isgro
Cinematographer: Tamas Meder
Production Manager: Jordi Ginard Jaume

A drama short film set in English suburbia, where Ken is past his best and mourning his youth. Hair gel gathering dust - he has no hair to hold it now. TV on all day - he has nothing impressive to say. His wife Bonnie drinks her coffee alone these days. Then this shiny “James” turns up on their doorstep and a forgotten spark appears again in Bonnie’s eyes. Ken’s neighbour Brian - newly abandoned by his wife - exhibits the loneliness Ken wants to avoid at all costs so Ken recovers his initiative, snaps into action, and takes steps to sabotage Bonnie and James’s burgeoning friendship. Ken’s mission backfires - he disappoints Bonnie and drives a wedge between himself and the love of his life. Till Ken rediscovers how he can fire that spark in Bonnie’s eyes himself.

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