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Music Video


May 2023



Shay Levy's mesmerizing music video for her debut single, "DISCONNECT," explores the profound theme of disconnection within relationships. Taking viewers on an emotional voyage, Shay encounters an array of captivating characters, the Lover, The Mother, The Chauffeur and the Friend, each embodying a distinct form of love. Yet, she finds herself trapped in an unrelenting state of disconnection. Shay delves into the intricate layers of love through this film, showcasing its diverse expressions encompassing friendship, affection, eros, and charity.

Quirky Motion
Starring: Shay Levy, Sherief El-Shazly, Jodyanne Richardson, Iris Fournier, Sean Copson
Directed: Simeon Lumgair & Elena Zacharaki
Produced: Jess Lipinski
Camera: Elena Zacharaki & Sam Byham
Drone: Oscar Lyster
Hairstylist: Viktoria Kostruk
Makeup Artist: Tamar Simmonds
Choreographer: Katja Fritzmann
Colourist: Daria-Alexandra Croitoru
BTS: Nonzo Falltradez

"A triumph of creative vision, where every aspect of the film reflects the director's unique perspective. The cinematography is beautifully atmospheric, creating a mood and tone that enhances the film's storytelling. The film is a tour de force, seamlessly blending genres and pushing the boundaries of storytelling." (SWIFF)

The Madavera Expojour JazzTimes Film Festival (Official Selection)

SWIFF (Best Music Video Quarter Finalist)

Lift-Off Global Network Film Festival (Official Selection)

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