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April 4th-6th 2024

Project type

Short Film

Continuity Interests




Over the course of one evening, set on the 17th floor of a London highrise, REUBEN is
preparing a fancy dress party to celebrate his boyfriend's (HARRY) birthday.
After an altercation with the neighbour (TOMASZ) next door, Reuben overhears aggressive
shouting and objects being smashed through the wall. Concerned his neighbour is being
abusive to their partner, Reuben tries to intervene throughout the night but with no
luck. Simultaneously, Harry becomes despondent when no friends turn up for his party
(Reuben accidentally sent out invites with the wrong date). The pair continue to drink
and explore their loving relationship. However, when Harry takes Reuben into the
bedroom, innocent fun takes an unexpected turn, resulting in Reuben becoming the victim
of a sexual assault. It's harrowing, visceral, and shocking.
Recovering from the event, it is Reuben who ends up comforting his long-term boyfriend
who is horrified at his own actions. Alone, on his balcony, looking out at the London
skyline, Reuben comes face to face with his neighbours partner MEGAN. Both victims. Both
silently trapped. Both looking for a human moment of solace in the darkness

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